Did you know?
Did you know?

How to get to Koknese?

Koknese is located 100 km from the capital of Latvia Riga. From Riga to Koknese you can get on the highway A6 Riga-Daugavpils-Kraslava-Belorussian border (Paternieki),  on the highway P80  Tinuzi-Koknese (highway E22 from Riga to the eastern border of Latvia) and the railway.

Koknese and Koknese County map with information about companies, institutions and places of interest will be useful during visiting Koknese on foot, by bicycle or by car: http://koknese.lv

Using public transport, we encourage you to search for public transport on the links below:


  • By train. Train station „Koknese”. Trains from the Riga railway station with end points Daugavpils, Zilupe, Krustpils, Pļaviņas. Duration of the journey by rail from 1.25h to 1.47h. More information: www.pv.lv.
    • Arriving at Koknese Railway Station, you must pass the Station Square, go along Hanzas Street to the highway A6 , cross the 1905 street, where the Koknese Tourism Information Center can be seen. The distance on foot - about 15 minutes.
  • By bus.  Bus stop „Koknese”. Buses with end points in Aglona, Daugavpils, Jēkabpils, Krāslava, Līvāni, Lubāna, Madona, Preiļi, Rēzekne. More information: www.1188.lv and www.autoosta.lv.
    • From the bus stop, the Koknese Tourist Information Center can be reached in a 5-minute walk along the sidewalk along the highway A6  and turn right onto the street 1905.

Koknese county

When visiting Koknese, we invite you to use the free mobile app "Koknese - Hanseatic City", available on Andorid and iOS operating systems.

Information for cyclists:

Bicycles are permitted to be transported by public transport, trains and buses, in accordance with the rules and procedures for the carriage of bicycles by passenger carrier organizations. If you want to carry a bicycle on the train, you need to purchase a luggage ticket.More information: https://www.pv.en

Train station „Koknese” virtual tour
  • Main highway A6 Rīga-Daugavpils


  •      Railroad Rīga-Daugavpils


  • International road E22 Rīga (Tīnūži) – Koknese or Moscow highway


  • Upstream pipeline Rīga-Daugavpils


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