Koknese nature trail
Koknese nature trail

Koknese inspires and surprises regardless of the season! You can see it for yourself by taking a stroll on the Koknese nature trail (total length 5.65 km) along the Pērse and Daugava rivers. Be sure to stop now and then and enjoy the gorgeous pictures painted by nature, the flow of water and ancient heritage. Koknese nature trail is popular among people who enjoy a peaceful walks (e.g. families with children), as well as those who lead an active life and prefer to get around by bike.

You can start your walk on the trail from your preferred location in the Koknese park. We recommend to begin your stroll from the stone gate. If you follow Daugava closely, listen to melodies of nature and water, and you will soon find yourself in Likteņdārzs.

 Changing seasons uncover the unique beauty of the nature trail and invite you on a delightful journey!


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