ZS ‘Janavas’
ZS „Janavas”

The organic farm ‘Janavas’ is located on the territory of the Daugava nature park, the aim of which is to protect the former river bed of the Daugava river and its unique natural heritage. This region is unique for its abundance of flower species – you can find representatives of 2/3 of all flora species on Latvian territory, including protected and rare species. ‘Janavas’ boasts a neat environment and production unit for organic products – the former farmstead building has been converted into an organic tea packaging facility and organic make up factory.

Farm ‘Janavas’ offers a walk on the natural farmstead trail, where the hostess will share her experiences with making, growing and using organic products. During this tour visitors can enjoy herbal teas or test out the effectiveness of our make-up products during a facial massage session.

In November 2020, farm "Janavas" received the "Green Certificate" - a confirmation that the farm protects the environment, preserves landscapes, their biodiversity and respects local traditions. At the same time, it is a contribution to the sustainable development of rural tourism.











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