Koknese Evangelical Lutheran Church
Koknese Evangelical Lutheran Church

The Koknese Evangelical Lutheran Church was built in 1687. At first it was a small wooden building without a tower, with a clay floor and thatched roof. The church was destroyed during the war and reconstructed a bit later. The church was able to hold services again in 1731. In 1819, the church had a more serious renovation and a sacristy was built. The current tower was constructed in 1887, a new roof was also installed and interior renovations carried out. Ernst Glück, translator of the Bible into Latvian, once used to serve as a priest here.




1. During the war, the church was destroyed once again. The renewed church was consecrated on September 16, 1929. The church altar painting was restored and a 830 kg steel bell installed in 1930. The same bell has been used to this day. The indoors area is decorated with paintings by A. Donenbergs.





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