Koknese is a proud member of the former Hanseatic League. Just like in its heyday, local craftsmen still mint commemorative coins for good luck. You can even purchase and take some home if you like!   Likteņdārzs, an island in the middle of Daugava, is a place where the past, present and future meet. In Bebri, guarded by century-old oak trees, stands the Vecbebri manor. The thematic novel by Rutku Tēvs is not your only option should you want to learn more about the bold actions of Jaunbebri farmers. Come and we will take you on a journey following The Potato Rebellion! You can also ponder about the distances Voldemars Jakobsons once walked by glancing at his boots at the Galdiņi museum. Be sure to take a quick break by the Iršupīte river! A lot of great men started their world conquering journeys from Irši, but they were always eager to return. If you would like to add some exotic flair to your trip, you will definitely enjoy z/s Zemitāni!

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