ZS ‘Vecsiljāņi’
ZS „Vecsiljāņi”

The pride of ‘Vecsiljāņi’ is Ievas siers’ (Ieva’s cheese), which is produced from unpasteurized milk of the highest quality, from the morning milking. As soon as the cows have been milked, the milk is transferred to the factory, where processing starts while the milk is still warm. A ferment is added to the milk, which leads to the development of cheese curds. These are later shaped into special Ieva’s cheese moulds. Every wheel of cheese is handmade by skilled experts, with the care for quality and the future consumer. Once prepared, the cheese wheels are kept in a storage room on wooden shelves, where consistent temperature is maintained in order to aid high-quality ripening. The cheese becomes available to buyers in two months (after starting the production) when it has acquired the best flavour qualities.






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