Berry honey powder ‘Oga’
Berry honey powder „Oga”

Oga Powder is a berry honey powder, produced by SIA ‘Straumes SK’.

Berry honey powder is a 100% natural berry product. Fresh berries and honey are used to make it. A small part of berry juice is separated by applying slight pressure to the berries, then we add honey or mint and the dry the whole lot in temperatures that do not exceed 41°C, after which the mass is ground up. The production process entails a gentle and natural processing approach. This ensures that the product is entirely ecological.

Berry honey powder is recommended as a spice and supplement for salads, main dishes, doughs, porridge, yoghurts, cottage cheese, smoothies, breakfast muesli, sauces and marinades, culinary products. It can be used to make teas and warm beverages, as well as fresh and milk-based smoothies. If you use the natural ‘Oga Powder’ every day, you are sure to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals. This powder has all the necessary parts from berries and fruit, including seeds, which are very good for you.

Oga Powder also offers various fresh or freshly frozen berry juices.





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