Ragnar Glamp Koknese

In Koknese, the owner Tomass Cīrulis personally welcomes and cares for each guest. Here, the owners provide mini SPA treatments and sauna treatments, cook according to the best restaurant traditions and invite you to explore the natural landscapes of Koknese. Here, in front of each guest house, there is a terrace overlooking the river Pērse, unforgettable beautiful views are guaranteed all year round. In contrast, walking trails lead to the ruins of the nearby Koknese Castle and the Garden of Destiny. Two rivers meet here, the Pērse and the Daugava, which is the route of an active and romantic water transport service, a perfect backdrop for walks along the river, being in it or looking at such scenery from the shore.

All houses are heated and equipped with a stove or fireplace to make the coldest evenings of the season cosy. The houses have well-equipped kitchens, everything is set up for cooking or serving meals, and each house has a furnished terrace where you can spend time with loved ones and family, eating, drinking and enjoying the nearby nature.








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