In the leather accessories workshop with the beautiful name "Dunense", which historically refers to the name of the Daugava and Hanseatic Route, visitors find themselves in a creative artistic atmosphere. "Dunense" continues the ancient traditions of the leatherworker's trade, passing on the accumulated knowledge of the craft to future generations. Everyone can take part in creative excursions, actively participate in the creation of one or another leather product, learn to distinguish, for example, different leathers (buffalo, snakeskin, salmon, etc.), take on the role of an artisan, and take away a unique souvenir - a key ring or a bracelet in a personalised style - with the help of the craftsmen. It is also possible to appreciate and buy one of the coveted products.

"Dunense" invites you to take a guided tour. During the tour, participants go to the workshop. They enter the workshop and smell the colours, glue and leather. Watch how leather craftsmen work in reality. Everyone is introduced to the different types of leather, the modern and antique tools used. 

The tour offers:

  • A glimpse into the making of leather products;
  • A look at the skins and a competition with jigsaw questions;
  • Take on the role of an artisan, make a unique souvenir - a key ring or bracelet in a personalised style
  • Tours are available in Latvian, Russian, English and German.





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