‘Road Cafe’
‘Road Cafe’

Road Cafe — the real taste of USA in Latvia. 

Spend time in an unforgettable atmosphere reminiscent of Route 66, enjoy real American food with rockabilly music in background.

Road Cafe is a place, where you can get breakfast, a business lunch on work days, or enjoy classic burgers, pizzas and BBQ meats any time.

Vegetarians will also appreciate Road Cafe’s menu, which has a wide variety of dishes.

Road Cafe uses high-quality products, so the standards are high – maintained by a professional chef and trained staff.

Don’t be afraid to experience life in a truly Latvian area and dive into an American atmosphere and environment for a brief moment. We are located at the side of one of the busiest highways of Latvia, which ensures a roadside diner atmosphere, thereby closely resembling classic American diners. This is the perfect solution for getting a taste of real American food and atmosphere without leaving Latvia.

Be sure to stop by – we are located midway between Koknese and Aizkraukle (A6 highway).




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